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    Faces in the foreground framed by elegant and sophisticated eyewear frames: the world of Oliviero Contini introduces itself through a mysterious setting, where the magnetic gaze of the protagonists immediately catches the attention, but discreetly.

    Contini is the most "politically correct" and sophisticated collection, with a wide range of products, capable of satisfying both a male and female audience. To express style in an original fashion, slightly dark scenes were recreated, where one can catch details that remind of "noir" movies.

    Therefore, the images of the new marketing campaign pay tribute to the world of spy stories with a retro and stylish atmosphere, where speaking is done just by the gaze and refined frames manufactured by Area98 because everything else is "confidential".

    Mystery, intrigue, suspense: in every moment the Oliviero Contini frames accompany the protagonists of the camera shots to emphasize glamour and intriguing charm ... just like the style of the brand!

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