Luxottica Has Had My Broken Ray-Bans For Two Months

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Luxottica Has Had My Broken Ray-Bans For Two Months

Mensaje por root » 16 Ene 2013, 18:16

parece que por allá estan tan contentos como por acá.
Luxottica Has Had My Broken Ray-Bans For Two Months, Won’t Answer The Phone
Luxottica may be the world’s largest eyeglass manufacturer and the owner of brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley, along with retail chains like LensCrafter, Sunglass Hut, and Pearle Vision. But you’d probably get better customer service from the guy on the corner selling knock-offs for $5.
Consumerist reader Chris (not me, I swear) says he had only had his new Ray-Bans about seven months when the frame suddenly broke while he went to put his glasses on. Since the damage wasn’t due to any abuse on his part, he thought he’d just get them repaired under warranty and he’d have a working pair back in no-time flat......

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